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VALMOS & S.C was born as a group of lawyers representing a real legal operational and counseling option specialized in Constitutional Law and, particularly, in amparo proceedings.

Our 20-year experience in litigation is wide and supported by the benefits obtained by our clients—currently, our friends. We are experts in handling amparo proceedings vis-à-vis the amendments that our Constitution has undergone, thus our updating is of the essence. As a result, we have become an updated professional team of experts in settlements and in the building up of agreements, projects and actual frameworks along with members of the Lawmaking Power, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Federal Judicial Branch, the Federal Executive Branch, the State Governors, the Local Congresses and the domestic political parties.

Today, knowledge, training and good relations are required for the application of successful legal strategies regarding any cases as they may present themselves pursuant to the appropriate foundations and protocols. Our expertise in appeals for reconsideration knows no precedent and we hold an avant-garde position in fiscal matters.

We specialize as well in handling administrative appeals and all types of tax issues involving individuals or business corporations by categorizing our client's constitutional rights as a priority, along with their property, equity and freedom and protecting them through a solid defense and successful legal strategies. We cannot afford to lose at any court actions; the word “defeat” does not belong to our legal glossary—we are not acquainted to it—that is the reason why we consider ourselves as “professionals”. Our commitment is not to the case, but to the total satisfaction of our clients; therefore, we only take on a case upon conducting a prior assessment and audit within our strictest legality rules. Our comprehensive knowledge of Tax Law, Labor Law and Criminal Law has allowed us to becoming successful in any case we may undertake.
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