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Legal Professional Services

Parliamentary Law

Our expertise includes the lawmaking process, parliamentary practices and debate strategy needed to understand or introduce legislation reforms, commission resolutions, parliamentary agreements, pronouncements, constitutional controversy, administrative, electoral or financial matters.

Political Law

We are experienced in analyzing, studying, preparing legal opinions and making the most out of the prevailing political conditions. Our expertise includes as well public relation, lobbying (internal and external positioning); speech structure and ideological profile.

Electoral Law

We are qualified in electoral strategies, logistic support, political-electoral marketing and counseling as well as financial-electoral advising.

Constitutional Law and Amparo

Our expertise includes the planning and defense of constitutional court actions (amparo proceedings) before the Federal Judicial Branch, the Supreme Court of Justice and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Tax Law

We are experienced in the filing of administrative remedies before the Federal Court of Tax and Administrative Justice and Local Administrative Courts. We specialize as well in nullity actions against inaccurate tax assessments and government actions deriving from administrative executory proceedings.

Administrative Law

Our expertise includes as well the filing of appeals for reconsideration and biddings and judicial sales, either binary, through points or percentage, legal constitutional strategies for the total or partial execution of direct or indirect judicial sales before local and federal authorities.

Labor Law

We are qualified in handling labor actions filed by individuals or business corporations before the federal and local conciliation and arbitration boards.

Criminal Law, Criminal Tax Law

The tax reforms which have been recently implemented by the Mexican Government involve laws and regulations that impose penalties not only against the taxpayers’ equity but against their highest constitutional right: freedom. We have developed a preventive legal strategy to avoid prosecution by the responsible authorities within a respectful and legal framework to the best interest of our clients, be them individuals or business corporations.

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