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Our hiring policy is simple: we only take on the cases that have been previously analyzed by our team of legal experts by considering the legal areas involved and assessing our possibilities of success. Shortly afterwards, we deliver a due diligence in writing of the case at issue along with our decision to either accept or refuse to accept it. We do believe that time is of the essence in all cases and that you deserve a real, viable and concrete answer without any deceptive or speculative information about a result that may be contrary to your highest interest. Such opinion will set out an actual solution and the legal strategy to be applied in order to achieve a successful result.

Please send us an e-mail with your contact details and your reference, if any. We reserve our right to refuse to attending on a case or record without previously learning about its circumstances; we appreciate your understanding. We are not open to the public. We will only advise you of the results of the legal opinion upon having studied the case as provided in Article 400 bis of the Federal Criminal Code currently in effect.

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